This Raccoon Is A Serious Genius

Who doesn't love cute raccoons? I do, I do!


I absolutely love raccoons! They can use their “fingers” pretty intricately. We have a door for our cats and “Rory” occasionally shows up for the cat food. The only problem here is that they like to wash off the cat food in their water bowl. Of course, we have to whisk them out, but I still think they are sweet!

Oh, and never mind all the “tricks” it can do… Who the heck calls a raccoon Melanie? LOL! Surely it should be named something a bit more hardcore like Rocky. Rocky the Raccoon, I like that!

I’m not sure I’m able to ride a bike while sweeping the floor, so maybe she is a genius. I should have study more! Although, all jokes aside, I considered that the raccoon may have been a rescue animal who’s now unable to be released into the wild, so doing these things is the rescuer’s way of stimulating the raccoon as it doesn’t need to go searching for its food. Just a thought!

All credit to Melanie Raccoon! Check out more from this clever raccoon on Instagram and YouTube.



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