Never Give Up, Little Bear Cub!

This made me cry. I have a very deep spiritual connection to bears!


Who doesn’t love little bear cubs? I do! The little bear reminds of times in our lives when we are oppressed and under tremendous stress, and while we think we can depend on our own strength to overcome it, it is actually a higher being(s), friends, and family who always protect us and keep a watchful eye over us even when we do not realize it.

By the way, brilliant camera work. How many cameras were used, I wonder? And how did they film this? Were the animals trained? It’s difficult to believe that it was all done by one cameraman/woman. The running scene through the prairie, climbing the tree, the branch breaking, the cub getting on the log, the cougar anticipating it going over the falls, to the big bear saving him… Delightful ending, which I didn’t anticipate!



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