Attack Of The Adorable Corgi Puppies

Corgi puppies galore? Give me more!


I’d Like to use my puppy voucher for one of these, please! Unless on the off chance that one of them draws blood, then the whole pack decides they like the sweet gamey tang of humans. Buuut that is HIGHLY doubtful! I will say this much—gorgeous Corgi puppies indeed, but quite a shame they’ve all had their tails docked. Why are we still cutting dogs tails off for looks? I don’t get it. Ok ok, docking wasn’t originally done for looks. It was done to prevent livestock from grabbing hold of the dog’s tail when the Corgi was herding them. So, it was for the dog’s benefit. Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis aren’t even really related actually. And certainly not the same breed… Animal fun facts!

Speaking of tails, my good friend put her Corgi in the bathtub the other night to see if it was true that Corgis bottoms float. It did, LOL! She was not excited about our experiment, but she did enjoy the rub down after her bath.

Truthfully, a plethora of Corgi puppies was going to be my birthday surprise to my best friend, Tilly, but since she was overseas and not here I had to keep them all for myself. Oh well… More for me!

It’s still within a month of a my birthday, so gifts are still totally welcome… Just saying!

Check out these adorable Corgis!



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