Animals Taking Baths? LOL

Animals enjoy baths just as much as we do :)


Okay, maybe don’t bathe the rabbit, but some of the other animals look blissed out. Check out the monkey being groomed, haha!

I actually just showed this video to my dog who is HATING life taking a bath right now. I even explained to him that cats are enjoying it, so why can’t he? Maybe he’s hating as a Yorkie looking like a Chiwawa… Who knows.

On a more serious note: I have a rabbit, and yes you can bathe them. I know people who are Vets too. Obviously don’t force them into it if they’re in distress, but if their not, it’s fine. I have to bathe mine on occasion because of her fur. I set her in a little tub and she bathes herself. Adorable!



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