Is This A Husky Puppy? Nope. A Husky Toy? Not Even…

Not privy to this bit of knowledge? It's ok, we got you! Every time you groom your dog it can be a complete makeover... Kind...

No Big Deal, Just Mongooses Cleaning A Warthog…

Umm, this is amazing!

What This Mouse Did After Being Freed From A Trap Is...

What do you do when you find mouse poop around? Tell your landlord so he or she can lay down sticky traps. So, what's the...

9 Odd Animals That Make Super Cute Babies, Pt. 1

Strange is different. Different is unique. Unique is awesome!

Animal Facts That Are Flat Out Weird

And I thought I was weird... [youtube]

9 Unique Baby Animals You’ve Never Seen, Pt. 2

Can I take them home with me?

9 Unique Baby Animals You’ve Never Seen, Pt. 1

You always fear what you don't understand, except for these lil' Cute-Baby-Animals :)

These Animals Are SO Weird

You can't experience joy without pain, just like you can't experience cute without weird... Here's to non-cute animals. [youtube]

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