First Sea Otter In The NBA?

This sea otter slam dunking is amazing! Lebron, is that you?

I just… I can’t.

I can't even begin to comment on this... #WhoTrainedHer #PeeWhisperer

Adorable Baby Foxes Are Too Precious

These have to be some of the cutest baby animals this planet has to offer... OMG, so adorbable!

Did You Know This About Sea Otters…?

They do what now? That is the cutest thing ever! I hope my future husband wants is on the same page as these otters...

Cat And Bearded Dragon Become Best Friends

However unlikely this may appear, this dragon, @charles_the_dragon, and cat, Mr. Baby, have become the bestest of friends!

Adorable Raccoon Playing The Water Harp…?

I hate to keep on harping on things, but this raccoon plays the water harp like no other!

Guy Makes Music Beats With His Bulldog

I would rather see this guy and his dog than half the DJs out there, tbh.

I Wish This Dog Was My Salon Client!

If only kids were this easy in the barber chair :)

Cute Sloth Gets A Helping Help From Caring People

One of those moments that will restore your faith in humanity!

Proof You Need A Pet Fox ASAP

21st Century Fox at its best!

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