Little Dogs And Big Couches Be Like…

Ok, so they're not the most athletic dogs in the world, but at least they're trying!

Dogs Walking Humans? Yes, And It’s Paying Off!

This is not your typical story of humans saving dogs, rather dogs saving humans. This amazing dog shelter had an epiphany: a campaign encouraging...

A Corgi Being Vacuumed? Haha!

Play it again, play it again! [youtube]

When This Tiger Cub Fell Into A Pool…

See, brothers ARE good for something!

Courthouse Dogs Make It Less Scary To Testify

Dogs can provide emotional support for everyone involved in the criminal justice system. Facility dogs from Canine Companions for Independence are at work in...

When Horses Start Dancing And Dabbing To Rap

That feeling when you know it's going to be a good week!

Did You Know This About Sea Otters…?

They do what now? That is the cutest thing ever! I hope my future husband wants is on the same page as these otters...

Best Pocket Pet Of All Time!

Pocket dial? My bad, it was my pet :)

Adorable Raccoon Playing The Water Harp…?

I hate to keep on harping on things, but this raccoon plays the water harp like no other!

DD As In Designated Driver? Nah, Doggy Driver.

When you lose your license, but it's okay 'cause you've got your dog.

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