This Amazing Dog’s Last Day On Earth

Who is Dukey? We're glad you asked! Dukey is a 3-legged black Lab retriever from Houston, Texas. As his owner/BFF prepared to say her...

This Rottweiler Loves His BFF Cat So Much!

Cats and dogs don't always get along, but this this Rottweiler and cat are BFFs! WARNING: Cuteness overload ensues. Viewer beware :) [youtube]

Do Birds Cuddle? Yes, And It’s Heart-Melting!

The absolute cutest bird-cuddling pics we could find!

Polar Bears Frolicking In Fields Of Flowers

"No, I don't want to see that," said no one, ever.

9 Odd Animals That Make Super Cute Babies, Pt. 1

Strange is different. Different is unique. Unique is awesome!

9 Things To Remind You How Cute Animals Are

Yep, perfect reminder of just how cute animals can be :)

9 Adorable Animals To Watch At Work

Have I died and gone to Cute-Baby-Animals heaven?

9 Baby Animals Pics That Will Make You Smile

Ahh yes, the World IS amazing!

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